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Warranty Information

Kia’s Warranty and Consumer Information

Kamloops Kia wants to help you get the most out of your vehicle. One of the ways we hope we can do that is by helping you understand the manufacturer’s warranty information that covers most, and specific, Kia vehicles. As part of the Kia brand, we can help you fulfill whatever policy may be covered under, as well as answer any questions you may have about your vehicle’s warranty information.
Generally, Kia Canada’s manufacturer warranty offers a standard 5-year; 100,000 km span for most warranties regarding the model year of your vehicle. Some of the policies included in Kia Canada’s Manufacturers Defect Warranty Include:

– New Vehicle Limited Warranty
– Powertrain Limited Warranty
– Limited Warranty Covering Perforation from Corrosion
– Emission Control System Warranty
As well, there are a great variety of options, components and features for each of Kia’s various models. Although some components and coverage may not be applicable to your vehicle, Kamloops Kia can help you find out which ones are. Just give us a call or come to our dealership and we can direct you to one of our various departments. Our parts, service, body shop & repair, sales, and others can provide you with additional information.